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We tried to collect ( almost ) everything you need to know before stay with us.
Hotel Conditions


Check-in > 15:00 – 21:00 hours
Check-out > 08:00 – 11:00 hours


A buffet breakfast is included in the Standard rate, if you have severe allergies or food disorders please let us know.

Web rate or other rates available on or may not include Breakfast.


Direct booking: Parking spaces are limited, be sure to request a parking space during the reservation process. Parking is never included by default in the reservation. In case of availability is free for our guests. rates do not include parking.

Extra Beds

Any reservation is always intended for max. 2 people per room. Extra beds are only possible in a few of our rooms so at the moment of the reservation ask us, we are here to help.

Kids policy

This is mainly an adult retreat and not oriented to families with kids.

No Smoking

Smoking kills.


Are not allowed – we do love pets but not everybody does –


Booking Conditions

Best price, availability, and conditions.

You can’t find a better price online. We are a small private business, we have few partners and we manage directly our rates and availability.

Reservations via or Expedia may have the same price ( Parity rate ) but conditions are applied in terms of Room type, Availability, Cancellation policy, Deposit, Meal plan, Parking.


Pay at the hotel

Credit: MASTERCARD – VISA – JCB – UNION PAY / Debit: V-PAY – MAESTRO / Cash: Max 2900 euro

Deposit / Pre-Payment:

If your rate or package requires an Upfront payment or a Deposit, the transaction is made directly by the guest via online secure payment. The hotel will provide a secure link to complete the reservation. PSD2 / SCA  compliant.

Pay online: // Hobex online

Credit: AMERICAN EXPRESS – MASTERCARD – VISA – JCB – UNION PAY / Bank transfer ( min 10 days in advance)

Credit Cards

All reservations must be guaranteed by credit card valid after the checkout date.

Aqva Boutique Hotel may pre-authorize up to 100% of the total price to verify your card, if the credit card is not valid the hotel can cancel the reservation.

Payment Security

Credit card details are inserted via https encrypted connections by the guest, stored securely on vertical booking servers, and deleted automatically 15 days after the check-out. For Online Payment please refer to and to know how your payment is safely processed and to learn more about 3d Secure. PSD2 / SCA  compliant.

Multiple rooms, bookings & Long stay

A 30% prepayment is required to secure the reservation for the following:  Multiple reservations, reservations for more than 2 rooms, and reservations for more than 4 days.

Groups & Events

Group = +4 Adults. For small numbers of individuals and in low season we can host carefully crafted experiences, small groups or focused business meetings. We are happy to host weddings with max 30 guests. This is a small leisure hotel and during the summer is not suitable for groups and events in general.


Prepaid / Gift Vouchers can have different conditions like period, type of room, type of product, total amount of euro. Every voucher has a redeem code with an expiring date, after this date it is no longer valid. The standard rate is applied for prepaid Vouchers with an open calendar.

Website Offers / Deals / Package

Are sold as a product with specific conditions and are not suitable for any modification.

We do not have any Special Price / Special deal / Special Rate / Guest Plan on or expedia.

Minimum Stay & Prices

During the year different minimum stay policies and prices can be applied.

Booking protection by Allianz

The service is entirely managed by Allianz. Aqva Boutique Hotel is a partner but does not offer assistance or any further help or warranty expressed or implied on the product.

Modification / Cancellation

As you may already know we like it easy and we decided to not have many progressive fees. 

We have only two rates-conditions and one simple rule: a confirmed reservation is a specific contract between you and the Hotel, so please read carefully.


Short stay = FLEXIBLE RATE

If canceled or modified up to 7 days before the date of arrival, no fee will be charged.

If canceled or modified later or in case of an earlier departure or no-show, the total price of the reservation will be charged. 


Long stay // Multiple reservations // Multiple rooms = STANDARD RATE

A pre-payment of 30% is required to complete the reservation.

If canceled or modified up to 7 days before the date of arrival, only the initial 30% fee will be charged. If canceled or modified later or in case of an earlier departure or no-show, the total price of the reservation will be charged.



Modification & Post-Requests


Any modification or any additional request, from the guest following a confirmed reservation has to be confirmed back to you by the Hotel with a specific email regarding this update. The Hotel can accept to fulfill your request and therefore modify the initial booking conditions. Additional charges may be applied. 



You can easily modify your reservation by clicking here mind your reservation code. 


In this section we try to answer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Our front desk is always open to help and assist you anyway.


These are reoccurring situations here at the front desk regarding the Parking, please take full advantage of these.


  • Can I reserve private car parking? Yes, Private Parking needs to be reserved upon room reservation and it is based on availability.
  • Do you have a fast charger for my ev? Yes.
  • I didn’t read the conditions or email can i park in anyway? When the parking is full, it is full, this is valid for any guest, regardless of the reservation coming from the front desk /website / Please bear in mind that even here in Sirmione, the town of the floating castle, we are still constrained by the laws of physics and we can’t double down our in-house parking space on demand.
  • I already parked in! Why I should move my car? There are so many free spaces now! Because that’s not your space. All the parking spaces are reserved, and other guests are still arriving. It works, in the same way as at the restaurant, you don’t sit down at other people’s tables simply because they are late.
  • So what can you do for my car? I can show you my car parked in the safe public parking literally in front of our door, and if it makes you feel less stressed you can park yours alongside mine.
  • Ok but really I have a very nice car, you know!? I know, this is why we suggest the exact same parking we use to park our own car all year long, Sirmione is safe, is a little happy island also for cars, we never had problems with it.
  • I’m not happy with this parking situation! This is not ok! Your parking conditions are fully disclosed in your confirmation email + pre-stay email and trying harder at the check-in won’t help, this is not an arm wrestling competition. Our job is about performing a service and making you happy, sometimes we can’t.
  • I want to come but the parking is full, I really care about my car! Vacation is a time to relax and if public parking for some reason stresses you out, it just seems like this is not the right time to come here. Your time is not refundable.
  • Why you don’t build a garage? We have some plans for the future but parking is not one of them. Our goal is exactly the opposite, to reduce the number of cars in the peninsula and develop a more sustainable way to live Sirmione.


  • How far is the Hotel from the Old Town? The hotel is less than 10 min by foot from the old town.
  • How to get there? Traffic is the only – not so good thing – here. Sirmione is a tongue of land in the middle of the lake, 1 street, and in summer a lot of people means a lot of cars. We encourage sustainable mobility. If you are considering how to get here: Public transportation + Ferry + Bikes,  are the best way to enjoy your time here. If you would need a car just for one Opera Night or a fancy dinner out you can ask us to rent you a car just for the day / night it will be delivered outside the door.
  • Can I have a late check-out / early check-in? Sorry, we are usually fully booked, and for the comfort of everyone the timetable is fixed.
  • What’s the price for the top-floor penthouse?  The top floor is actually where we live so no availability.
  • Why I cannot book for one night only? To make you feel at home it takes more than 24h, we have a minimum stay of 2 up to 4 days but for a special occasion or anniversary we can always try to manage something
  • I want to come with my kids. Do you have family rooms or connecting rooms? Sorry, we do not have it. This place is oriented to adults and our rooms are designed for the comfort of max 2 people.
  • Why I cannot bring my little baby with me? Children are our future and the most important human beings in the world, if you are planning your getaway with your family and kids you should choose the right hotel for their needs, this is a small hotel and not suitable for young children. We do believe that your daughter is like a princess but still – kids are kids and they do kid’s things.
  • Can I have a dairy/gluten-free breakfast? Yes, our homemade breakfast is prepared daily fresh & healthy. If you have severe allergies just let us know in advance.
  • Is your jetty ok for my Boat? Our Jetty is usually good for max 7 meters boat and for short periods. We always recommend for the best safety of your boat Porto Bisoli, a small harbor of nice people and fair fares in 200 meters from the hotel.
  • Do you have a SPA? We do not have our own spa, but we have in 10 min by foot the best spa in the entire Lake Garda – Aquaria Terme di Sirmione – more than 10,000 square meters of wellness and thermal water.
  • I love my dog but seems like you don’t…? We do love pets but due to allergies to decided otherwise. We can suggest you friendly dog sitters / dog pension near Sirmione.
  • Can I have a not allergic room? Allergy is our concern no carpets no furs no pets no feathers.
  • Can I book with full-board? The restaurant is open at noon so you can have half-board with lunch included – fixed menu for 40 euro person per day. No dinner in the hotel.
  • Can I have a room with a bathtub? No bathtub here, all our rooms are equipped with a shower.
  • What’s up with your neighbor?  The building site is finally over.
  • Can I bring my SUP / Super-Duper Bike / other sports equipment? Of course, you can but right now we do not have any storage space for it.
  • What can you do for my special occasion? We are happy to make your special occasion even more special with our Birthday special and Aqva Romantic.
  • I hate bugs especially those mosquitoes, and i read some reviews about crazy bees ! If your idea of evil is the nature we suggest you to go to another place. We have the privilege to be on the shores of the lake and this is the nature we have to respect. Night mosquitoes are harmless but attracted to light, just keep the windows closed during the night time or if you want to enjoy the balcony turn off the main light in the room and everything will be ok.
  • I read some reviews about how great your staff is but also your staff being rude / the wonderful breakfast but also the underwhelming breakfast / the great lake view or the lack of it/ the parking included or not. Tell me what’s real, is it true what people say? Reviews are a great thing most of the time – you share your experience with other people and ultimately with us. It’s a great reward if it’s a great one, a pat on the back when it’s just a good one and a motivation to do better when it’s a not so good one. Unfortunately for certain people is more like a sleeper game some sort of revenge on what allegedly went wrong with us. Overtime we learned that salty writers are not great readers – booking conditions are as important as the pictures – or even easy talkers  – we know what’s wrong with them only after opening a webpage – this is very frustrating because most of the time with just a little talk we can easily fix the issue. Everybody hates performance reviews, but we do accept any feedback and critics on our job and we do not ask/want/need anybody to modify or cancel any comments or even rants sometimes. In the worst case scenario reviews are a sneaky way to try to get complimentary stay, discount or refund, we want to underline that We Do Not Negotiate with Reviews Terrorists. Writing very harsh things and try to kidnap our rating will not help to have any kind of discount or refund. Ransom is not the way.
  • I’m an instagram Influencer /  I have a blog / I’m a digital pr / I have a press id Great ! The hotel is very photogenic so you can gain a lot of likes and believe it or not we do not ask any credit or royalty for any photo or picture you take. Just joking, we are very lucky, we have a strong business with a very clear demographic and we are not interested in random sponsorship or co-marketing. Persuasive visibility and aspirational branding is not what we are looking for so standard rate is applied to any kind of reservation regardless of your followers number.
Privacy Disclaimer

Your personal data

AQVA Boutique hotel value your privacy and wants you to be familiar with the procedures we use to handle your data. We gather data for internal use only and strictly for operational purposes according to the Italian Law.

We need your explicit consent but we just ask you what’s needed to deliver our service. Operativity: The personal data we collect on our systems  – website – internal booking engine – email – directly to our front desk team – are gathered to answer your requests regarding our services, to improve your stay and to offer a better experience the next time you will come back. Pieces of information can be also used as raw data for internal reports and statistics. Profiling: Personal data and information about you for instance: pillow preference, glutenfree breakfast, or other concierge requests are important information to help us render the kind of hospitality we want to deliver. Internal Marketing: To personalize your experience and offer you relevant information/offer/product these preferences will be acquired and recorded with your personal information. No spam only relevant info for you, ex: Mille Miglia week or Wine tasting experiences. External MarketingNo data of any kind will be sold or given to third party application or company for any other commercial purpose.


Of course, you can decide otherwise or if you changed your mind in compliance with GDPR you can always ask us to cancel all your digital data by sending us a simple email, click here. Aqva boutique hotel – data controller – partner with Vertical Booking & – data processing – for the Technology.


Aqva boutique hotel is not responsible for how your personal and digital data are managed by &


Payment Security 

Credit card details are inserted via https encrypted connections by the guest, stored securely on vertical booking servers, and deleted automatically 15 days after the check-out day or cancellation day. For Online Payment please refer to and to know how your payment is safely processed and to learn more about 3d Secure.


Digital data & Cookies

This website use cookies to offer you a better experience. Cookies are pieces of information stored directly on the computer that you are using. They allow us to collect information such as browser type, time spent on the Services, pages visited, your location, language preferences and anonymous traffic data. We and our service providers use the information for such purposes as security, to facilitate navigation, to display information more effectively, to personalize your experience, to understand how the Services are used, to improve the Services and to assist us with resolving questions regarding them. We may use third party service providers who provide services such as website hosting, data analysis, data analytics, payment processing, information technology and related infrastructure provision, customer service, email delivery, auditing and other services. For example, we may use Google Analytics and others to provide analytics.


Social Media

AQVA Boutique hotel may use for promotional purpose pictures posted – PUBLIC – on major social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, in any case, will not reference your name to the picture unless you want this way. No pictures posted by us will show you or your relatives or your belongings. AQVA Boutique hotel is not responsible for pictures posted by everyone else with tags, geotags or other types of reference involving the hotel.