The best parking for your car is your garage.

Sirmione is an amazing place, but there’s only one road and in summer is very busy. The more cars the more stress, space & time wasted, air pollution, and more CO2. Traffic is the opposite of peace of mind.

We encourage sustainable mobility.

The best way to enjoy your time here by the Lake is without a car.

To get to Sirmione:

Verona Airport = 25 to 45 minutes taxi ride

Train Station Peschiera / Desenzano-Sirmione = 25 to 45 minutes taxi ride

Bus Stop = 20 meters from our door

Ferry coming from Desenzano Train station or other destination on the Lake

Taxi & Transfer service are available, happy to make a call for you!

You can ship your luggage and travel light if you wish.

When at the Hotel,  Sirmione is amazing to walk.

10 minutes’ walking distance from the Old Town, Beach, Restaurants, and Ferry terminal.

Ferries are the best way to visit the lake.

Convenient and beautiful, plus you can bring bikes too.

Here’s the timetable.

Boat Rental & Boat Service

We have hotel bikes at your disposal for free.

E-bikes by trusted partners.

Scooters and Vespas are available in Sirmione.

Do you want a car just for 1/2 day to go around?

How about cruising in our youngtimer MGF?

Mid-engine, British racing green, 2-seaters, Cabrio summer fun.

Delivered outside our door.

Do you come in your car?

Parking needs to be reserved and it is based on availability.

Do you come here in a car? Let us know it.

You can book one of our 12 parking spaces upon reservation. In-house Parking is free for our guests.

If there’s no parking option to choose that means the availability for private parking is over, and the parking is Public, no reservation is required. Parking Montebaldo = 18 euro per day.

Parking conditions are fully disclosed in the confirmation email and also in the pre-stay email.


Parking Montabaldo is literally on the other side of the street, and yes it is safe. We live here and this is the same parking we use to park our own cars every single day of the year. The peninsula of Sirmione is a safe place, with only one road, a lot of cameras, and patrol.

How about you?

Are you the kind of person who can read plain English and who’s like “yes, I am relaxed about my car anyway” = Amazing, awesome, this place can be suitable for you! ✌️


Are you the kind of person like “I don’t read, I don’t care, no, no, no, nobody can touch my car”  Public parking keeps you awake at night? Does vacation mean romantic time with your car? Parking conditions make you feel discriminated? Can you relate to a guy getting hot and bothered at the arrival, something like “Die Parkplatzsituation ist eine Katastrophe”.  Well, there’s a good chance this is not the right place for you. ✋

These are reoccurring situations regarding the Parking here at the front desk, we decided to turn it into FAQs ( minus profanities ), please take full advantage of the following.


  • Can I reserve private car parking? Yes, Private Parking needs to be reserved upon room reservation and it is based on availability.
  • Do you have a fast charger for my ev? Yes.
  • I didn’t read the conditions or email can I park in anyway? When the parking is full, it is full, this is valid for any guest, regardless of whether the reservation is from the front desk /website / Please consider that even here in Sirmione, the town of the floating castle, we are still constrained by the laws of physics and we can’t double down our in-house parking space on demand.
  • I already parked in! Why should I move my car?! There are free spaces! Unfortunately, that’s not your space. It’s reserved. It works, in the same way as at the restaurant, it’s not ok to sit down at other people’s tables simply because they are late.
  • So apparently other people can but I can’t! Why !? Parking is based on availability, not on empathy. Other guests booked before or simply took the time to reserve a parking space.
  • So what can you do for my car? I can show you my car parked in the safe public parking literally in front of our door, and you can park yours alongside mine.
  • Ok, but really I have a very nice car, you know!? I know, this is why we suggest the exact same parking we use to park our own car all year long, Sirmione is safe, is a little happy island also for cars, we never had problems with it.
  • Ok, but 18 euros per day it’s expensive! Imagine Sirmione as the historic center of a big European city, 18 euros per day would be considered a great deal. Sirmione is not a big city, is a small strip of land surrounded by water.
  • I’m not happy with this parking situation! This is not ok! Our job is about performing a service and making you happy, but sometimes we can’t. Your parking conditions are fully disclosed in your confirmation email + pre-stay email and trying harder at the check-in won’t help, this is not an arm wrestling competition.
  • I want to come but the parking is full, I really care about my car! Vacation is a time to relax and if public parking for you is not ok, it seems like this is not the right time to come here. Your time is not refundable.
  • Why you don’t build a garage? We have some plans for the future but parking is not one of them. Our goal is exactly the opposite, to reduce the number of cars in Sirmione and reclaim space for human peace of mind in our wonderful peninsula.