Welcome to our summer villa.

And here you are!

First thing first, we and all our team are here to make your stay as relaxing and pleasant as possible, so if you need help or assistance just tell us. As you already realized, you don’t hold in your hands a nice booklet so you already know some things are changed lately. For your convenience you can find here some helpful info, tips, and advice.

Privacy protection
Authorization to process sensitive data
Requirements and operating procedures for the containment of the Covid-19

Dear Guest
the following procedures adopted by us represent our way of protecting your health and serenity, and that of those around you, represent a new form of hospitality with which to welcome you. We are sure you will already be familiar with the prevention measures from Covid‐19, however, we want to show you the way we have chosen to make your stay at our facility safer and more peaceful.

In order to protect common health, respecting the welcome and serenity that distinguishes our way of working, we want to share the following guidelines which represent for us a new way of welcoming you safely.

▪ Check-in online. Upon confirmation of arrival, the online check-in method will be suggested, together with the guidelines for arrivals and departures, and the hygiene and sanitation procedures to protect the guest that the structure has decided to adopt will be illustrated.

▪ When it is not possible to check-in online,  kindly guests are invited to identify a member of the incoming guest group as the reference group leader. Only the referring group leader will have access to the reception desk. The reception staff will collect the documents provided by the group leader and hand over the keys to the room, providing instructions on the new hygiene procedures to be followed at the facility. The data will be recorded later, in order to reduce waiting times. The documents will be retained and delivered directly to the room at a later time.

▪ Guests are invited to use the mask in the common areas inside the structure.

▪ Only one guest will be allowed to stay at the reception desk at a time, referred to as the group leader. The remaining guests will be invited to respect the social distancing, also in the external common areas.

▪ the referring group leader will show all the identification documents of their group, the reception staff will view them without touching them, and verify the authorization to use credit cards.

▪ in the case of groups, the keys to the accommodation and the plates with the number of each room for baggage will be delivered to the reference group leader.

▪ Room List, in case of groups, are invited to send the Room List, with the names of the occupants of each room 48 hours before arrival, remembering that minors must stay in a room with an adult.

▪ The keys. Upon delivery of the keys you will be required to keep them for the duration of your stay, to avoid cross-contamination, the keys are sanitized at each change of guest and kept separately.

▪ baggage will be left in a specifically designated area, marked as DELIVERY identifiable with dedicated signs, will be handled by the personnel designated with gloves, in separate groups, will be placed on the special trolley protected by a waterproof cover, and delivered to the rooms. At the end of each service, the surfaces in contact with the luggage and the covered trolley are sanitized with a 75% ethyl alcohol solution. Departing guests will leave the luggage in their rooms, in the same way as they will be handled by the staff in charge and can be collected at the Baggage RECALL point. Appropriate vertical signs will illustrate the baggage drop-off point.

▪ guest entrance to the structure and arrivals: Indicative signaling columns with hand hygiene instructions and automatic dispensers of DMC disinfectant solutions are positioned at the main entrance and in every access, as well as in the common areas. You will find adhesive signs on the floor to indicate the positions to be maintained in order to respect the distances.

▪ TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT: Reception staff remotely measure the temperature of each guest, respecting privacy. During this operation, guests must respect the social distancing even if they belong to the same family group, except for minors for whom only one companion is provided, the reception staff is available to provide information on new safety and hygiene procedures.

▪ Waiting and distances: Floor warning stickers may be useful to respect social distancing. If necessary, in order to respect the distance, the waiting guests will be able to sit in the external waiting rooms or in the number established as indicated in the internal waiting room.

▪ Check out and departures. As for the arrival, only one guest per group / room will be allowed at the time of departure