We are now GSTC certified

GSTC stands for Global Sustainable Tourism Council, an independent organization setting standards for hospitality businesses striving to achieve best practices in sustainable tourism and pushing to develop a common language about sustainability in tourism.

We witness the hottest summer ever during 2022, with dramatic changes in terms of temperature, rain, and weather we saw the level of our beloved lake dropping in an unprecedented way, air pollution, and heat waves. We decided to accelerate our goals and now this hotel is fully committed to becoming carbon-neutral by the end of 2024. From the beginning we choose led lights, A+ class appliances, and smart heat pump systems. We installed a 30 kWh solar roof with a battery pack decreasing by 75% the reliance on the grid and at the same time, we improved the thermal efficiency and limited by 50%  the use of natural gas.

In your room, you will find aluminum beverages, sustainable eco-label cosmetics, dispensers to reduce plastic pollution, eco-friendly toilet paper, solid conditioners, and bamboo toothbrushes. All our packaging is recycled or compostable. Straws are made out of paper as well as breakfast & boat boxes. We choose local partners and food suppliers in the region. We believe fresh bed linen ensures a nice sleep for two nights, but if you prefer to have your bed linen changed every day just leave the blue card on your bed. Towels are changed every day.

Our kitchen is fresh & simple, mostly plant-based but we also love salame. From our friend’s farmers and from our small countryside edible garden. Melon in late spring, Cherries in early summer, Figs in September. We believe local & seasonal food is just right, it’s here, now and it tastes better as well. Our menus follow the principles of circular cuisine to avoid waste of food.

We choose responsible and local partners that share the same goal that we have.

All this led us to be certified by GSTC for our sustainability efforts but this is not enough, to complete our transition to being 100% carbon neutral we start our own carbon offset project in the area, not on some distant island but right here, right now, and you will be a part of it.

We will invest 1% of every hotel bill in a reforestation and biodiversity projects here on the hills south of Lake Garda, and you are invited to experience it.

From your side, please consider sustainable mobility.

Sirmione is a peninsula, a strip of land surrounded by water, it is an amazing place, but with too many cars. The holiday is good, but the Traffic is terrible. There is a better way to enjoy your time here by the Lake. Verona Airport & Desenzano Train station = 25 to 45 minutes taxi ride, Bus Stop = 20 meters from our gate and you can use a Ferry as well, you can ship your luggage and travel light if you wish. You can rent a boat or boat service too, our hotel bikes are at your disposal, and Electric bikes, scooters, and Vespas are available at request. If you would need a car just for one day/night ask us to provide you with a rental car. Delivered outside our door.

Big changes come from little choices.