Re-opening 1st of July 2020

We hope you and your loved ones are already outside the Coronavirus storm.

We are totally fine, our family, all employees & partners.

Fortunately here in Sirmione & in the Lake Area no Covid-19 problems and nationwide we are now back on track.

Closed before Corona times

The Hotel is closed since middle October 2019 and before any restrictions were put in place in we decided to postpone the April 2020 summer opening. Shared responsibility is one of our main drivers. Confidence & Safety are our job. Before re-opening the doors we want to be sure you will find some good time inside and outside here. Release & Relax sounds similar but they aren’t the same thing, so before welcoming you back we want to wait a little bit. Travel restrictions are easing up, the sun is warming up the days and some more quiet time is coming.

We cant wait to re-open this summer house & the right time is coming in July.


We say Ciao… – in the “see you next time” meaning –  to all the April / May / June guests that showed love to us.

It will be great to meet you soon or later

We say Ciao! – in the “Hey is nice to meet you” meaning – to all the ones who are coming.

See what’s new & all things we did to live the house together.