What we did during lockdown.

Hello everyone.
Yes we are good, all of us.
We were lucky to spend this #stayhome time here.

Over this strange period, we enjoying the safety and the serenity of our home soaking into the quite movement of the lake waves. It was a chance to live precious time with the family. Teaching our little daughter about alphabet & numbers and learn from her how to deal with things bigger than us.

We cherish every moment of this intimate time.

We loved every email we received from you all. We said “we are fine” and  “see you next time” many times to friends we already knew and also to new friends that we will meet soon or later.
We stayed home but didn’t get bored

We spent time taking care of the people & the things we love and also of this wonderful place that we have the privilege to call home. We did some ordinary & extraordinary maintenance, we had time to indulge on a lemon tree and on some bottles of nice wine.



Of course we put special efforts this time in making this place more safe but as always we also improve the comfort, refurbished 5 Rooms, adding nice details inside & outside, framing some art, revisiting the menu…

You will see. Soon…