Michelin Guide 2018



Aqva Boutique Hotel has been selected to be part of the world’s most prestigious guide. 


Passion and the commitment goes a long way.


We open this little hotel in mid-2015, with a vision and not much more else, no expertise, no background, only our firm determination to change this place and this business for the better. After less than three years we found ourselves with one of the best rewards we could ever imagine. We have got a lot of nice feedback from a lot of nice people during these years and we knew exactly what we achieved but this was totally unexpected, that been said, it feels surreal but also right at the same time. Thanks to everyone involved in this project, from our early employees to our latest partner, from our very first guest to the ones that still have to come.

This is not a finish fine this is just one important milestone and we are thrilled to show you what we have in store for the next years.