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Gardone Riviera


Gardone della Riviera is one of our favorite place on the lake. The best way to enjoy a day in Gardone is by going with the Ferry and have a little walk in the village.



Il Vittoriale

This magnificent complex of villas, gardens, arena, and even a ship placed in the middle of a hill was the Kingdom of one of the most famous Poet / Aviator /intellectual in the Italian history Gabriele D’Annunzio. The museum area of The Vittoriale covers 9 hectares in a stunning setting made of architecture, history, panorama, e wonders.


Every year between June and August a festival called ” Tenere a mente” features dance performance, drama, and international music artist such as David Byrne, Damon Albarn, Ron Carter, and many others.


Tenere a Mente Festival




Giardino Botanico Andre Heller

Simply a magical small wonder, a blend of Art & Nature.  An open-air art gallery open only in spring & summer where you can walk through the art by Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, Susanne Smoegener, Erwin Novak, Edgar Tezak, Rudolph Hirt and of the owner himself, Andre Heller.




Vintage Market

In Gardone during the whole summer there are several markets days & events on the promenade, Lungolago. You can find Records, Glasses, Lamps, Bags, a very nice selection of things, people and the moods.



Lido 84

Two brothers open this small gourmet glasshouse just a couple of years ago and today this restaurant is already a classic. A unique place to experience a culinary journey and true hospitality. Tasting menu Oscillazioni – Chef daily proposal – is my choice every time. You need to book in advance, you can arrive by car or by a boat.


La Torre San Marco

Magic spot for nightlife. During all summer heavy rotation of events like disco party, piano bar, jazz  ensemble. Small carte for light dinner, Very nice cocktails & wine too. By car or by boat.