White – Lugana

Sirmione is famous worldwide for the Lugana wine, a mineral, high acidity thin bodied white wine.






You ask for it, and here it is!



We teamed up with some of our favorite small local producers in Sirmione and together with Filippo – our friend wine connoisseur – we organize every TUESDAY and FRIDAY a didactic tasting of 5 different kinds of Lugana.



Reservation is required.

If you wish for a bespoke wine tasting ( rose / red / sparkling ) we are happy to organize it for you here at the hotel.

Our friends at ElCitera are more than happy to welcome you and tell you how crazy they are about it. A visit in a cellar room, a stroll in the vineyard, and then a great or a small tasting, it’s up to you. They pick you up here and they will bring you back. 



June > October Sunny afternoon, not guaranteed in case of bad weather – Booking required.


Bike Wine Tour

If you want you can ride on a bike in Lugana. Lugana is a small area of vineyard in Sirmione, it’s just a 4Km flat ride from the Hotel.  Booking suggested.




Red – Amarone


Valpolicella, the land of mighty Amarone, is a mellow hillside between Sirmione & Verona. The countryside is great, in the town of Negrar there’s a very nice lunch/tasting restaurant Vigna 800 but for a proper cantina visit, we want to highlight Zyme & the godfather Azienda Agricola Quintarelli Giuseppe. The Present & the History of the Amarone. If you want to have a full Amarone day we can arrange a private tour with a driver.








For all Valpolicella tasting Booking required.