Lugana Masterclass Wine tasting

Know what you drink!

Wine is a kind of magic made out of 5 ingredients: 1 Soil, 2 climates, 3 Grapes, 4 Agriculture, and 5 Enology.

Lake Garda is a very lucky location for many things including wine: Rosè on the west side, Red on the east side: Bardolino & Valpolicella, and White in the south, the most famous white wine of lake Garda is Lugana, a mineral, high acidity thin-bodied white wine.



We teamed up with some of our favorite small local producers in Sirmione and together with Filippo – our friend wine connoisseur – we organize a didactic/entertaining /a little drowsy tasting of usual – unusual Lugana.

Every TUESDAY and FRIDAY – Reservation is required

We organize bespoke wine tasting of rose / red / sparkling  / for you here at the hotel.